Thursday, November 4, 2010

flower flourish

Hi, all! Just a quick illustration today... at first i had this idea on brown paper
but i can't stir away from pretty watercolour background so...
This might be my next project linework on brown paper. for now this is it :)
hope everyone's having a great week so far!
Friday tomorrow yay!


  1. lovely pic

    and thanks for comments on my blog

  2. love your work, it's gorgeous, and the pic you have in the exhibition below are divine too. did you paint them?

  3. Fun! Love your work, especially those birds posted awhile ago.

  4. oooh pretty! Love the idea of the brown paper too...

  5. This is lovely! What a great idea to do intricate black line work on a washed water colour background:) Have you ever done textiles? I think your illos would translate beautifully!

  6. Thanx guys!!!!! :)

    Sue, i used mixed media line work + water colour on linen.

    Pippa, i've tried printed my illustrations on linen for my last exhibition...i found it quite washed that case I might try other fabric for my next project :)

  7. Awesome Ponty! I want to see the brown paper version too xx

  8. Beautiful piece! The designs are lovely, and I love the way the pen work looks against those soft, gentle colors. <3